Adomány a Nevetnikék Alapítványnak

Donation to the Nevetnikék Foundation

As the Tökmag Design children's furniture and toys team, in addition to high-quality service to our customers, positive social involvement is also important to us. Therefore, in response to the Nevetnikék Foundation's fundraising:

"The Nevetnikék Foundation, based in Pécs, would like donations of completely new children's toys for ages 0-3. Toys that can be easily cleaned are needed. Wooden toys are preferred. The foundation has been holding various sessions for hospitalized children in hospitals in Pécs and Kaposvár every day for 16 years... "

In the spring of 2024, we sent a selection of our popular wooden toys to the organization, which the Foundation's staff will pass on to children in the hospital.

"The children's toys you sell are wonderful. Thank you!"

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