Ajándékötletek testvéreknek 1-3 éves korig

Gift ideas for siblings aged 1-3 years

Babies and toddlers develop very quickly, so it is worth choosing a gift, device or toy for children that can hold their interest for a longer period of time, or can be used in several functions. This is even more true with siblings with a small age gap, where high-motion play, role-playing, and skill games can all be activities that both toddlers enjoy and that hold both of their attention at the same time.

We have collected some ideas from our offer.

Gift idea for 1st birthday:

- Triangle climbing frame + ramp + arch/Montessori swing set in small size : A versatile climbing set in which the arch can also be used as a Montessori swing when supplemented with a pillow. The small set is best suited for children aged 1-2 years.

- Soft shapes and climbing sets : From the age of 6 months, they are suitable as obstacle courses for the smallest crawling members of the family, but they can also be used later for bunker building, rest and a safe jumping area.

- Garden sandbox : sandblasting and sandblasting is one of the favorite activities of every small child, filling sand molds and building sandcastles is an endless pastime for small children, either with the help of their parents or with their little friends.

- Floor beds : Many babies start to feel that the slatted bed is cramped around the age of 1, at which point it is usually necessary to switch to a safe floor bed, which has a low height, so getting in and out of the bed is easy and safe.

Gift idea for 2nd birthday:

- Triangle climbing frame + ramp + arch/Montessori swing set in large size: Versatile climbing set, in which the arch can also be used as a Montessori swing when supplemented with a pillow. The large set is best suited for children aged 2-5 years.

- Soft shapes and building sets : In 2-year-old children, the use of imagination is more and more prominent, so simpler high-motion games, such as climbing and jumping, can slowly be replaced by construction toys and role-playing games. IGLU building sets are designed to facilitate these games, with safe softness and easy cleaning.

- Children's furniture: children's table with children's chairs : around the age of 2, the role of fine motor skills and creative games, such as drawing, kneading and handicrafts, come more and more to the fore, so it is also necessary to ensure the right location. In our opinion, the most suitable place for this is a separate creative corner in the living room or the children's room, where the small child has access to the ideal tools (such as crayons, sheets of paper, maybe plasticine) and under parental supervision, but can create as independently as possible.

Gift idea for 3rd birthday:

- Garden playhouse and garden playground : The garden also comes to life for small children if we equip it with locations and tools that are also interesting for them. This can be a garden playhouse or a garden playground with a slide and swing, which provides children with an inexhaustible area of ​​entertainment.

- Garden kitchenette and garden play table : The clay garden kitchenette offers an improved version of sandblasting and role-playing, where children can be active to their heart's content.

- Soft rolling toys : Our soft toys on wheels give your child a new, innovative, dynamic play experience that develops motor skills. Children can move lying on their stomach, back or sitting on it. The children can personalize the competitor by giving them a face, and socialize by riding together and building racetracks.

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