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Gift ideas for the first birthday

And here we are, it's been 1 year since your baby was born. The first birthday is full of excitement and emotions, not only because you survived the first year of becoming a parent, but also because your child made his first trip around the Sun, and you had the opportunity to watch how a just-born tiny baby turns into a lively and curious little person. Your child will soon take his first steps (or has already done so), say his first words and increasingly become a unique and inimitable little miracle.

The right and useful gift helps your child learn, attracts attention and entertains him, the selection of which for the first birthday is an exciting topic for both parents, grandparents and the wider family. In the following lines, we would like to give you some ideas from our products that may be useful:

  • Children's chair with book holder (BJORN, MAKEA and KATTEN children's chairs): for little bookworms, the favorite book to flip through is always at hand.

  • Children's table and children's chair set (PUU children's table and CASPER children's chair ): around the age of one year, your child will become more and more mobile and it is possible that instead of the previously accepted dining chair, he prefers to eat at a table of a size adapted to him, even with his siblings, where he can become more and more independent. In addition, this set can be the scene of your child's unfolding creativity, where he can draw and create freely.

  • Low-height children's bed (AAREN, TALOT and METSA beds) : at around one year of age, it is usually necessary to transfer the child from a slatted bed to a low-height children's bed. For many children, the transition is very easy and they enjoy not being restricted by the bars of the bed. If you've slept together before, a low-height bed can still be a good choice, as you'll be safe here after you've fallen asleep.
  • Wooden toys - there are countless variations of wooden toys, for example building blocks, cooking sets, wooden railway tracks. These can all be creative and useful gifts.

We hope that you found this list useful and that we managed to give you some ideas!

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