Montessori mozgásfejlesztő eszközök, kerti játszóházak és skandináv stílusú gyerekbútorok

Montessori movement development toys, garden playhouses and Scandinavian style kid furniture

Choose from our high-quality, aesthetic, timeless and imaginative children's furniture and children's toys, from infancy to school age! Our products are all tested and environmentally conscious European manufacturers.

FARNORA DECOR Montessori movement development tools

FARNORA DECOR Montessori-type exercise sets are made of high-quality polished beech plywood and beech wood, so you can be sure that they can withstand even the most active toddlers. The maximum load capacity of 60 kg is ideal for all ages. The triangular climbing frames, ramps and swings are coated with a natural and resistant oil layer with an EU certificate and are available in several colors.

WENDY TOYS garden playhouses and playgrounds

WENDY TOYS garden playhouses and playgrounds are designed for home use, they are of high quality, they are made of only the best wood, the surfaces are smooth and the corners are rounded as a result of the surface treatment. They are also safe, environmentally friendly and easy to assemble.

KAID children's furniture

High-quality, Scandinavian-style children's furniture made of natural birch plywood. The KAID children's furniture family follows functionality, natural materials, and simple and aesthetic forms. Practical and durable products that encourage children's creativity.

BAJO development games

BAJO offers high-quality wooden developmental toys and playful figures, providing children with the right amount of stimulation. With the help of BAJO toys, parents, grandparents and most of all children can become masters of fun and games.

PUMPKIN DESIGN natural wooden baby toys

In our offer, Tökmag Design natural wooden rattles, chews and wooden toys are available without additives or dyes, so that even the smallest children can play them safely.

To view our product range and for current discounts, visit our website (! If you have any questions, please contact us for more information!

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