A Graffaló játékok - Gruffalo toys

Gruffalo toys

Collection of ‘The Gruffalo’ licenced wooden toys are available for the little funs of Gruffalo within the product range of Tökmag Design kids furniture and toys webshop. There’s a big range of toys connected with this worldwide literary phenomenon for kids.

You can choose from nice figurines with moveable parts like Gruffalo and the Mouse to puzzles and theaters. Other figures like the Fox, the Snail and the Owl are also available, additionally you can teach alphabet to your child with Gruffalo thematic blocks. 

Moreover, with the Gruffalo wooden theatre you can recreate the Gruffalo story that consists of 18 pieces of Gruffalo figures and Gruffalo environment. The theatre can be large or small depending on how you put the stage together. There are two possible backgrounds with lots of extra pieces including trees, grass, and rocks, and of course the five main characters.

The Gruffalo wooden theathre

The toys are designed and carefully manufactured in Poland by Bajo. For the Gruffalo collection, please visit our webshop: www.tokmagdesign.hu

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