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Pros of kid furniture - table with chairs

In this article, we will explore why the combination of children's table and children's chair is an essential element of every children's room, what are its advantages and why it is sometimes more useful than other functional toys at home.

In order to encourage and support children's independence, it is important as parents to create a safe environment for them and provide the tools and environment necessary for children's development.

Following the Montessori method, we encourage age-appropriate independence in most activities. This "early" independence can also increase children's enjoyment of activities that are often considered boring, such as main meals, where as parents we would be happy if our children sat quietly at the table, spending a longer time and eating slowly to consume the menu intended for them.

When choosing the right children's table and children's chair, remember that these are among the few pieces of children's furniture that your child will use until the end of kindergarten, i.e. at least until he is 5 years old.

The important advantages of the children's table + children's chair set are as follows:

  • Independence and getting to know the world
  • Due to the ideal dimensions of children's chairs and tables for children, children can sit down at the table and stand up from their chairs independently. In the initial stages of walking, the furniture is a reliable support for the walking child. In addition to the small dimensions, stability and rounded edges, you can keep your child safe while the child tries to be independent.

  • Personal space for your child too
  • A small table and chair creates a sense of ownership and independence in your child. It will be your personal space where you can do various activities such as eating, drawing, creative activities or flipping through books.

  • Developing practical skills and habits
  • In the Montessori method, children participate in the meal from the beginning to the end from the youngest possible age. The correct approach to the eating ritual is to help prepare, serve and then enjoy the food independently. Many parents find that, in addition to involving their child in food preparation, age-appropriate independence in serving and eating helps them avoid picky eating.

    The children participate in the pre-meal setting and then in clearing and cleaning the table. They even take the time to carefully check everything to make sure the table and chairs have been properly cleaned.

  • Comfort and ergonomics
  • We designed our KAID children's furniture with children's physical development and comfort in mind. The children's table and children's chair are sized according to the child's age and height, thus promoting correct posture. Children can also set their own distance from the table, thus avoiding strain on their shoulders or backs.

  • Share with siblings and friends
  • By choosing the right table size, children can sit and play together at a table and chairs, and each sibling can have their favorite place where they can eat together, side by side, and do activities.

    With the right children's table and children's chair combination, you will immediately see that the children are happy and enjoy every independent process, so it is very good if we support them in this.


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