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Kids corner easily with design kid furniture

Whether it's a busy restaurant or a small cafe or patisserie, creating a children's corner has many advantages . We can create a family-friendly image, result in longer guest stays, provide parents with a relaxed meal, give the opportunity to organize family events and events, and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Therefore, it is worth considering the creation of a children's corner, which can make our restaurant more attractive to families, with whom we can build long-term customer relationships .

  1. The family-friendly image : Most restaurants can benefit from creating a family-friendly atmosphere. A well-designed children's corner shows parents that we also take care of the comfort and entertainment of the little ones. In this way, we build a family-friendly image that attracts families and increases the popularity of our restaurant.
  2. Longer Stays : If kids feel in a fun and safe environment, parents are more likely to stay at the restaurant for longer. So they spend more time in the venue and are more likely to order more food and drinks. The children's corner can therefore indirectly contribute to increasing the turnover of our restaurant.
  3. Relaxed dining for parents : Dining out can often be stressful for families, especially when small children are present. A well-equipped children's corner helps parents to eat in peace, as children have the opportunity to occupy themselves with games or other creative activities. This allows parents to enjoy their coffee or meal and have a more pleasant experience.
  4. Family Events and Events: A children's corner allows us to organize family events or special events that appeal to families. During birthdays, name days or other events, our restaurant can be a favorite place for small children and families, which can generate loyalty and positive recommendations.
  5. Competitive advantage in the market: Not all restaurants and catering units have a children's corner, so this can be a unique attraction. A well-promoted and designed children's corner can help differentiate our restaurant from its competitors and make it attractive to families looking for child-friendly dining options.
KATTEN CASPER children's chair PUU children's table

If the above arguments were convincing for us and we came to the decision that it is worthwhile to create a children's corner in our restaurant, the next question is just how big of an area we can do this and with what budget. In the following, we propose an indoor children's corner solution that takes up little space, has a medium price range, but is very aesthetic and really attractive to children.

Create a children's corner simply with design children's furniture (KAID collection): 

LEGETOG toy storage box

And what are the advantages of designer children's furniture?

  1. Safety and quality : Our design children's furniture belonging to the KAID brand family is made of high-quality birch plywood, which is safe and durable. Our children's furniture is specially designed for the sizes and needs of children (age group 1-6 years), and therefore ensures the appropriate comfort and ergonomics. High quality and durability guarantee that the furniture can be used in the long term. Our KAID children's furniture has a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.
  2. Aesthetic appeal : Our design children's furniture has a stylish and attractive appearance. They are characterized by special shapes, colors and creative elements that help create a harmonious and aesthetic atmosphere. This not only gives joy and inspiration to children, but also provides a pleasant sight to adults.
  3. Flexibility and functionality : Our designer children's furniture belonging to the KAID product line is versatile and multi-functional. Our BJORN, MAKEA and KATTEN children's chairs combine seating with a book storage unit, and their decoration is playful and stylish.
  4. Easy assembly : Most of our children's furniture, such as children's tables and children's chairs, do not require any special tools or tools, not even screws, and their assembly is quick and easy.

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