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Indoor movement development in early childhood

Indoor movement development in young children: Playful activities and their importance

Proper movement development is crucial for childhood development. Children's indoor movement development is particularly important, as it ensures an active and healthy lifestyle regardless of weather conditions. Proper movement development supports the development of the child's motor skills, improves balance and coordination, and helps to improve concentration and mental performance.

Why is indoor movement development important?

Development of motor skills:
Indoor physical activity helps children develop and develop basic motor skills such as balance, dexterity and coordination. These skills are crucial in everyday life as well as in mental and athletic performance.

Derivation of energy:
It is important for children to be able to channel their energy. Indoor exercise games allow them to be physically active even when the weather doesn't allow for outdoor activities. This can help reduce hyperactivity and stress.

Support for concentration and learning:
Regular exercise has a positive effect on brain functions. Children can develop their concentration and improve their mental performance through indoor movement activities. Movement helps the brain to form new connections and improve cognitive functions.

Player movement development activities indoors:

Large construction toys, soft shapes:
Build a bunker out of large pillows, chairs and blankets. Or try our deservedly popular large-sized soft shapes, IGLU building and climbing sets, with which the only limit in play is imagination.

Large soft shapes construction toy

Obstacle course, Pikler's triangle climbing set:
Create a simple obstacle course in the room. You can use cushions, chairs and other objects for children to jump over, slide under and crawl on. This improves their balance and coordination. For a targeted obstacle course, we recommend one of our most popular products, the Triangle climbing frame + ramp + arch/swing set, available in small and large sizes, which can be one of the most popular tools for motor development from 1-2 years old to 5 years old.

Dance party:
Choose music and organize a small dance party at home. Dancing is not only fun, but also an excellent way to develop body awareness and a sense of rhythm.

Ball games:
Look for ball games that can be played indoors. For example, games played with light, soft balls can help develop children's dexterity and reaction time.


Indoor movement development for children is not only fun, but also essential for their development. Playful activities not only develop their motor skills, but also help them release their energy and improve their concentration. As a parent or teacher, it is worth spending time on this important area so that children can develop healthy and happy.
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