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Soft play in your home

IGLU's Soft Play products, soft shapes, climbing sets and swings are suitable for creating an interesting and varied, but also safe environment for our babies and toddlers in our homes.

IGLU has already created appropriate and safe movement development sets for the smallest children, from 6 to 9 months of age. The ball pool without balls is suitable from the age of 6 months to give our baby a safe area where he can play and roll around. The climbing set made for the smallest is suitable from the age of 9 months to help the baby's motor development, crawling and climbing through the specially designed shapes.

Ball pool

IGLU's soft shapes and climbing sets provide a suitable indoor exercise area for babies, and thanks to their soft and safe design, they can be used earlier than our popular Montessori movement development tools, such as our Pikler or Triangle climbing + ramp + arch / Montessori rainbow swing sets, which in small size we recommend from 1 year old, while in large size from 2 years old.

IGLU Soft Play is made of polyethylene foam, which is soft and light, IGLU Soft Play is not only educational and interesting, but also safe for our children. This is guaranteed by the appropriate game safety certificates.

The soft forms, climbing and building sets help to develop and teach:
- Movement and motor skills (crawling, climbing)
- Creates and develops spatial awareness
- Strengthens motor coordination skills
- Helps to develop logical thinking
- Helps in learning geometric shapes and colors
- Develops creativity and imagination
- Improves social skills, encourages joint play

The soft shapes and climbing sets of IGLU are suitable for the general development of the child's movement and motor skills. The different shapes of the blocks enable the development of children's movement coordination and skills - finger and hand movement, grasping, crawling, moving over obstacles, climbing heights.

You can view our entire IGLU Soft Play product collection here:

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