KAID gyerekbútorok - szeretettel tervezve

KAID kid furniture - designed with love

Timeless design that kids need. Light and pleasant shapes that stimulate the imagination and stimulate children's creativity.

We created the KAID children's furniture brand because we believe that children's room furniture should be minimalistic and only serve the child's needs. There is no need for bright colors, too childish and short-lived furniture.

We spend a lot of time designing and testing products. Before you buy the pieces of the KAID furniture family, the products are comprehensively tested for both functionality and safety in every detail. KAID children's furniture is who we are, and we created it to be who we are, as it should be - real and sufficient.

Therefore, we do not make any compromises when choosing the materials used. Birch plywood is a natural renewable material. It is characterized by durability, strength, beautiful texture and neutral color. Birch plywood should not be confused with composite materials such as chipboard or MDF.

Plywood is lighter than solid wood, which makes it extremely suitable for the production of children's furniture and for everyday use. It may sound ironic that plywood is one of the most environmentally friendly man-made products, but this is certainly not an exaggeration. It requires fewer material resources than solid wood products, the reason for this being the higher proportion of raw materials used in the production process.

We created our KAID children's furniture because, in today's modern way of life, we decided to act responsibly and offer an alternative to mass products.

Our KAID children's furniture in your home shows how small it really is for children to be happy. ❤ This is what we believe in and we create our products with this spirit.


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