Kerti játékokkal, fa játszóházakkal és kerti játszóterekkel bővült a Tökmag Design kínálata

Garden playhouses and garden equipments for kids

The range of Tökmag Design has been expanded with garden toys, wooden playhouses and garden playgrounds

We have expanded our offer in the Tökmagdesign web store with garden toys, modular wooden playhouses and modular garden playgrounds . The manufacturer of our garden toy collection is the Latvian Wendi Toys® , which produces quality garden and outdoor toys for children for home use. Garden toys include garden kitchens that can be connected to a garden spigot, multifunctional picnic and play tables, as well as modular wooden houses, playhouses and garden playgrounds.

Garden picnic table, play table

And what does the term modular mean for wooden houses, playhouses and garden playgrounds?

Many versions of the products are available in different equipment, so wooden houses, playhouses and garden playgrounds can also be varied according to individual needs.

  • Optional equipment for wooden cottages and playhouses:
    • wooden house, playhouse in several styles
    • wooden house built on stilts/platform
    • with a slide and/or swing and ladder
    • A house built on a platform equipped with a gym and a gymnasium
    • garden wooden cottage equipped with kitchenette
And variations of the above.

Wooden garden house with slide and swing

  • Optional equipment for garden playgrounds:
    • Play tower with ladder and climbing stone ramp
    • Play tower with one or two slides
    • Play tower with one or two swings
    • Play tower with picnic table and small sandpit
And variations of the above.

You can find more information in our online store, among Wendi Toys® garden toys:

In the case of modular wooden cottages, playhouses and garden playgrounds, we look forward to hearing from you via our contact details for a unique quote!

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