Kerti játszóházak és játszóterek egyedi igények szerint, moduláris felszereltséggel

Modular garden playhouses

The children's furniture and children's toys of Tökmag Design ( ) offer Wendi Toys' garden playhouses and playgrounds , which are designed on a modular basis . This means that each standard panel can be combined with several others, resulting in an impressive product range that can be customized according to the customer's needs and allows individual garden playgrounds and playhouses to be combined in different ways.

Many versions of the products are available in different equipment, so garden playhouses and garden playgrounds can be varied according to individual needs.

    • Optional equipment for garden playhouses :
      • wooden garden playhouse in several styles
      • wooden garden playhouse built on stilts/platform
      • with a slide and/or swing and ladder
      • a playhouse built on a platform equipped with a gym and a gymnasium
      • playhouse with kitchenette

And variations of the above.

Garden playhouse with swing

  • Optional equipment for garden playgrounds :
    • Play tower with ladder and climbing stone ramp
    • Play tower with one or two slides
    • Play tower with one or two swings
    • Play tower with picnic table and small sandpit

And variations of the above.

Wendy Toys garden playgrounds and playhouses also:

  1. High quality: Quality also means attention to detail. We select only the best lumber, processed to our standards. Each part has a smooth surface and rounded edges. Our products include fasteners made of galvanized or stainless steel, as well as heavy-duty accessories. Wendi Toys uses Nordic pine or spruce grown in Latvia. We chose this Scandinavian wood because it grows more slowly and is denser and more durable than some alternative woods. We offer a 5-year guarantee for our play sets against defects that cause wood rot.
  2. Safe: Our play sets are designed and certified according to the European standard EN-71 "Safety of toys" for outdoor play areas intended for home use. All systems are inspected and tested before leaving the factory to ensure they meet our high quality standards.
  3. Simple : Wendi Toys products can be easily assembled by the customer at home, without special tools. The playground is delivered in a flat box, similar to the concept of a well-known Swedish furniture store. Our step-by-step installation and maintenance instructions are multilingual, detailed and easy to follow.

  1. Environmentally conscious : All Wendi Toys products are made from properly managed, FSC® certified forests and materials from other controlled sources. The wood used in our products is not only a beautiful, high-quality material, but was cut from a sustainable source, thus ensuring the social, economic and ecological needs of future generations.

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, the Wendy Toys garden playhouses and garden playgrounds in the Tökmag Design children's furniture and toys range ( ) are available in many versions and equipment thanks to their modular design, please contact us for a unique price quote!

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