Soft shapes, climbing and building sets

About us

The story of IGLU Soft Play begins at the largest polyethylene foam manufacturing company in the Baltic countries in 2015, when our team worked on the development of new material applications. During the process, we made the first prototypes of the soft blocks out of white foam and noticed that the blocks looked like ancient snow-covered igloos. For better thermal insulation, ice huts were lined with leather at that time.

IGLU Soft Play follows this ancient tradition, and by combining white foam blocks with synthetic leather, we created a safe play concept that stimulates the child's physical and intellectual development. IGLU Soft Play - a safe environment for our children.

IGLU Soft Play is made of polyethylene foam, which is soft and light. We care about the future, which is why we also use recycled materials for the production of the IGLU. During the production process, up to 98% of finishing materials such as artificial leather, zippers and other accessories are used, thus approaching zero waste production. Our team ensures that IGLU Soft Play is not only educational and interesting, but also safe for our children. This is guaranteed by the appropriate game safety certificates.

We deliver the finished product directly from our warehouse - quickly, conveniently and efficiently, to Hungary within 5-7 working days.