Wendy Toys playhouses and garden equipment

Wendy Toys garden playhouses and playgrounds

Wendi Toys® was founded in 2009. Our center is located in Latvia, in the city of Cesis. The town was founded in the 13th century by the "Wendens", who called themselves "Wends". We are proud of the history of our city, which is why our garden toys were given the brand name Wendy Toys. Our company Wendi Toys® produces garden and outdoor toys for children for home use.

Why Wendi Toys?

Everyone knows that children's toys must be SAFE and ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS, and we add... SIMPLE: both in transport and assembly! Our products are easy to transport thanks to their practical packaging. Assembling the garden toys is simple and safe, which the customer can do himself with the help of the illustrated assembly instructions.


Our play sets have been designed in accordance with European Union Standards (European Standard EN-71 "Safety of Toys") and have the corresponding certificate.


Wendi Toys® products can be easily assembled in the customer's home, without special tools. The toys come in practical and compact packaging. Our assembly guide is available in several languages ​​and guides you step by step through the assembly process.


Quality also means attention to detail. We only work with the best wood, and they are processed according to our standards. As a result of the surface treatment, the surfaces are smooth and the corners are rounded. Our products include fasteners made of galvanized or stainless steel, as well as heavy-duty accessories.

Wendi Toys® uses Nordic pine or spruce grown in Latvia. We chose this northern wood because it grows more slowly and is denser and more durable than some alternative woods. We offer a 5-year guarantee for our play sets against defects that cause wood rot.

Environmental awareness

All Wendi Toys® products are made from well-managed, certified forests and materials from other controlled sources. The wood used in our products is not only a beautiful, high-quality material, but also comes from a sustainable source, thus ensuring the social, economic and ecological needs of future generations. All parts can be recycled.