Milyen is egy gyerekbarát kert? 6+1 tipp egy kisgyermekes szülő tollából

How a child-friendly garden looks like? 6+1 tips

When we are at home with the children, one of the most important things for me as a parent with small children is that my children are always safe, even if I may not have my eyes on them for a few minutes because I am doing housework or doing other things. In addition, I am also happy that the children can occupy themselves for at least a little while by playing with each other or by themselves, so we tried to create an environment for them where they can occupy themselves for a certain amount of time, even alone. We have designed our garden in such a way that it is safe, but also exciting for them. What did our child-friendly garden look like?

1) Visible and relatively small in size

Our garden opens directly from the living room, from where I can easily see the children through the glass doors and windows, or even if I'm not looking at them, I can constantly hear them, so lunch can be prepared next to them. Our garden is relatively small, 100 square meters in total. This size is just enough for small children, if someone has a larger, more zigzag garden, it may still be worth thinking about separating a part of the garden and turning this smaller area into a child-friendly one.

2) Soft grass and suitable plants

One of the greatest treasures of our garden is the well-kept soft grass, in which both our children happily climbed when they were babies, and then took their first steps safely. In addition, when planting the ornamental plants, we took care not to let poisonous plants enter the garden. Plants growing in raised beds always bring extra happiness to the children, whether it's a harvest of strawberries, tomatoes or peas.

3) Exciting, equipped with toys

It is very important for children to find things intended for them in every area, so we have placed a sandbox, a low-height garden wooden playhouse with a slide and other garden toys in our garden. We have equipped the wooden playhouse with a kitchen and kitchen accessories, so cooking and role-playing in their house are really meaningful pastimes for children. In our webshop, the range of the Tökmag Design webshop offers exciting and engaging garden toys for children, such as garden playhouses , garden kitchens, sandpits and other garden toys.

4) Shady

Especially on a warm, sunny summer day, the shade is golden, so it's good to have something to hide under so that you don't have to spend the day indoors even in the heat of the day. It can be a tall tree, a porch, the wall of a house, or the shadow of a fence.

5) It is not steep, there are no great possibilities of falling

Since young children's sense of danger and sense of balance are not yet as developed as those of older children or adults, we must pay close attention to the terrain conditions in which we allow our children to move freely. Fortunately, our garden is completely flat, there are no stairs or heights from which children could fall and get injured.

6) Closed garden gate

The children open every door they can, be it the cupboard door, the refrigerator door, the front door or even the garden gate. It is therefore very important to make sure that they are always closed in such a way that a small child cannot open them with a simple push of the handle.

+1) Child-friendly pet

Children can be a real treasure if they have a calm, friendly pet that is accustomed to children, especially a nice dog that they can cuddle, play with or play with. Our recipient is a cute spaniel, whom both our little children considered a real playmate from the age of 1.

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