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Mama Monkey - Julia Donaldson

Mama Monkey - Julia Donaldson

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The baby monkey loses its mother, and the butterfly helps her find it. But it is not such an easy task...
"I lost my mom!
This is what the butterfly said: - Poor monkey!
Don't cry, I'll help you out."
The clown butterfly is eagerly looking for the baby's mother - from an elephant to a bat. We stumble through the jungle with funny rhymes, back into the arms of mama monkey.

Product data
Title: The monkey's mom
Author: Julia Donaldson
Translator: Father Zsigmond Gábor
Number of pages: 24
Appearance: 05 July 2023
Binding: Hardboard
ISBN: 9789635873906
Size: 185mm x 147mm x 16mm
Price on the book: HUF 2,990
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