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IGLU Soft Play

IGLU construction set #21_2 (10 pieces, multi-colored)

IGLU construction set #21_2 (10 pieces, multi-colored)

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IGLU construction set #21_2 (10 pieces, multi-colored)

IGLU Soft Play shapes

For physical and mental development

IGLU helps to develop and teach:
- Movement and motor skills (crawling, climbing)
- Creates and develops spatial awareness
- Strengthens motor coordination skills
- Helps to develop logical thinking
- Helps in learning geometric shapes and colors
- Develops creativity and imagination
- Improves social skills
IGLU's soft block forms are suitable for the general development of the child's movement and motor skills. The different shapes of the blocks enable the development of children's movement coordination and skills - finger and hand movement, grasping, crawling, moving over obstacles, climbing heights.

Playing with brothers, sisters and friends also helps children develop social skills by communicating with each other.

Playing with parents or other children helps them learn and recognize different geometric shapes and colors faster. The variety of shapes also allows creativity and imagination to flourish, as it is possible to build fortresses, castles, and houses by combining shapes.

As the child grows, the molds can be used for other purposes. The child can build various obstacle courses or other entertainment options. You can use the stairs to climb into the cot or onto a chair. Pets often use the molds as toys, while adults use them as computer stands, for example.


SET size: 90cm x 140cm x 130cm
Weight: 7.2 kg

Note: Screen colors are for reference only, as brightness and contrast may vary depending on the screen you are using.

The forms can be connected to each other with a connecting tape (accessory).

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