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IGLU Soft Play

Soft Play Activity set - Discoverer (28_4, pastell colours)

Soft Play Activity set - Discoverer (28_4, pastell colours)

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Our Discoverer playset is designed to spark curiosity, stimulate creativity, and encourage active learning. Built to withstand the rigors of play, the Discoverer set is durable and designed for long-lasting fun and exploration. But beyond the adventure, this playset also offers educational value. It encourages problem-solving, spatial awareness, and language development through collaborative play.

IGLU Soft blocks are made of firm, 100% recyclable high-quality foam with a closed cell structure – soft & super light.  Covered with a tough artificial eco-leather. Shapes are robust, pleasant to the touch, easy to care for, retain shape well, and tested for harmful substances.

IGLU products are CE marked according to EU Directive 88/378 / EEC: Toy Safety, making them absolutely safe for toddlers.

IGLU is here to guide and inspire:

🤸‍♀️ Movement and motor skills (crawlingclimbingbalancing)

🧠 Building spatial awareness and creativity

🏇 Boosting coordination and confidence

🧩 Fueling logical thinking and exploration

🌈 Discovering geometric shapes and vibrant colors

🎨 Nurturing imaginative play and innovation

🎭 Elevating social skills and connections

IGLU's gentle, huggable shapes are like buddies for developing a wide range of movement and motor skills in kids. Different shapes help kids boost their coordination and motor skills – from wiggling fingers to crawling, climbing, and exploring heights.

Sharing giggles with siblings, friends, and buddies turbocharges social skills by sparking chats and connections.

Teaming up with parents or pals leads to speedy learning and spotting cool geometric shapes and vivid colors. The endless mix of shapes is like a treasure trove for crafting imaginative worlds – castles, forts, and more.

As kids grow, these shapes morph into excellent tools. Building obstacle courses, playing games, and conquering steps to beds or chairs – the possibilities are endless. Even pets join in the fun, using shapes as toys and adults get crafty – imagine shapes as a trusty computer stand!

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