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Leg&Go 3in1 exercise bike

Leg&Go 3in1 exercise bike

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3-in-1 exercise bike for ages 1-5.

The running bike can be adjusted in 4 heights, so it can be your child's favorite bike from 1 to 5 years old.

Its weight is very light, 3.3 kg, which makes it easy for your child to handle.

Its material is natural wood, which is durable and resistant to weather conditions thanks to its pretreatment.

It has inflatable tires, light rims and metal spokes - just like a real adult bike!

The intelligently designed wooden frame protects your child's spine on bumpy roads. In the event of a fall, the wood partially absorbs the impact, preventing or significantly reducing the severity of the injury.

WHEELS: alloy wheel hub, wire tension spokes with alloy rims, pneumatic tires
WHEEL DIAMETER: front 14", rear 12"
FRAME AND FRONT FORK: lacquered birch plywood
SEAT HEIGHT: 25–47 cm /
BIKE LENGTH: 95.4–99 cm /
WEIGHT: 3.3 kg /
SUITABLE FOR AGE: 1-5 years, 85-110 cm /

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