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M28R Garden playhouse, wooden house on stilts with slide and double swing

M28R Garden playhouse, wooden house on stilts with slide and double swing

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Available in green and gray. Thanks to the modular design of the wooden house and playhouse, it is available in many versions and equipment, please contact us for a unique design and price offer!

The Wendi Toys® My Lodge Series M28R playhouse is perfect for introducing children to the wonderful world of outdoor play. This playhouse gives children their own space in your garden, so they can play together, relax and socialize with their friends and relatives. Discover this eco-friendly playhouse with all its design elements and activities. This beautiful and meaningful playhouse will surely delight even the most curious children who want to create new stories and adventures every day. The attractive design, complete with red details and white decorations, will immediately capture your little one's attention and help them discover the world from their own perspective. My Lodge Series playhouses are spacious, so 2 or 3 children can enjoy all their functions.

This Wendy Toys M28R My Lodge Series playhouse has two sealed windows and a full door with Perspex safety plastic glass to keep the house brighter during the day. On one side of the playhouse there are elegant shutters that can be opened to allow more fresh air into the play area or closed for more privacy. This complete house is ideal for outdoor use, as the waterproof roof ensures that the indoor play area is always dry.

This playhouse, built on a 90 cm high platform, is designed so that your child will enjoy playing in it. At the front of the playhouse, a 175 cm long plastic slide offers exciting entertainment. While one child is having fun in the house, the other imagines a thousand and one stories on the cabin porch. The space under the platform can be used to store all children's toys.

And that's not all - with the help of the double swings included with the playhouse, children can feel the gusts of wind while swinging on a hot day. Additional security is provided by 4 metal ground anchors, which are attached to the legs of the swings and the platform and hammered into the ground.

The playhouse is made of high-quality FSC-certified wood, with a durable and very stable structure. The safety of your children is ensured by quality workmanship and rounded edges. This playhouse has pre-assembled and reinforced wooden panels to prevent wear and tear and reduce assembly time. The playhouse is not suitable for children under the age of 3! We recommend that you repaint your house every year to keep it looking brand new.

This Modular playhouse can be supplemented with:

  • Gym gymnastic accessory (WE-700)
  • Kitchen accessory with water tap (WE-800)

Product information

Equipped with:

Playhouse - Full door, Two perspex windows, Shutters, Wooden sign with the name "MY HOUSE", floor

  • Colors:

Red: RAL 3011 Red (RAL catalog)

White: RAL 9002 White (RAL catalog)

Playhouse wall panels: SANDSTONE (Never-ending impression)

  • Playhouse dimensions: (LxWxH) 120 x 120 x 155 cm
  • Door corridor dimensions: (WxH) 38 x 104 cm
  • Internal area: 1.23 (m2)
  • Wall thickness: 8 mm
  • Waterproof roof
  • Maximum total user weight: 50 kg

Platform- Platform, Ladder

  • Color:

The surface is impregnated under high pressure.

  • Platform height: 90 cm
  • Leg dimensions: (WxH) 45 x 45 mm
  • Maximum total user weight: 50 kg

Slide - plastic slide

  • Slide length: 175 cm

Double swing - 4 ground anchors, 2 KBT plastic swing seats

  • Color:

The surface is impregnated under high pressure

  • Swing height: 200 cm
  • Swing width: 205 cm
  • Dimensions of swinging upper bar: (WxH) 44 x 94 mm
  • Swing leg dimensions: (WxH) 44 x 69 mm
  • Maximum total user weight: 100 kg



  • Age group: 3-7 years
  • Number of packages: 6
  • Total weight: 105 kg
  • Total external dimensions of the product: (LxWxH) 330 x 405 x 242 cm
  • Maximum total user weight: 200 kg
  • For household use only!

Age recommendations are for informational purposes only.



The customer can easily assemble the playhouse at home, without additional fixings or special tools. Detailed and easy-to-follow, step-by-step installation and maintenance instructions are available in multiple languages.

Used materials

  • The playhouse is made of Nordic spruce and is protected against insects and fungi.
  • Certified water-based coloring is used for painting.
  • Complies with EN-71 "Safety of toys" European standard for home playground equipment.
  • All wood used comes from FSC certified forests.
  • All systems are checked and tested before leaving the factory.
  • The playhouse is safe and environmentally friendly.
  • Maintenance: Once a year at the beginning of the season, carefully inspect the product to ensure that all parts are securely fastened, that the fastening screws are tight and that the decorative screw caps are intact. Carefully check the parts of the structure for cracks in the plastic joints or wooden parts that could affect the structural integrity. Renovate the coloring of wooden parts with child-proof paints.

- Wood is a natural, organic material, and each wood part has unique branches, cracks and color variations. Wood materials can vary in size due to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. They shrink in hot and dry weather, but can expand in humid weather. Since these changes usually occur unevenly in individual parts of the wood, the aforementioned forces can cause cracks and splits. In the same way, due to the weather and the atmosphere, wooden parts can fade, their color can change or resin stains can appear on them, they can also warp and bend. All the properties of the wooden parts listed above are natural and predictable, so their appearance on the product does not represent a defect in the product.

  • Made in Latvia

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