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Montessori Climbing Board Arch Set (Arch+Ramp+Cushion) Bright

Montessori Climbing Board Arch Set (Arch+Ramp+Cushion) Bright

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Arch rockers are beloved by children and they rarely get bored of them. They are an ideal investment in your child's development, as they provide countless opportunities for play and learning.

💑 As your child grows, they will love to climb, swing, and train their balance on a wooden rocking chair. But they will also use their imagination to assign other functions to it. It can become their intimate play area, a tunnel to crawl through, a home, their own lounge chair to relax in, or a floating boat to rock their teddy bears or favorite toy. This versatile toy is sure to encourage your child's movement and creativity, and it can be used for many years.

⚠️ The color of this product may be slightly different because it's made out natural wood.
⚠️ Watch your children carefully when they are playing on furniture that is designed for kids!


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