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Montessori Baby Rocker Set Arch + Cushion (Min) Pastel

Montessori Baby Rocker Set Arch + Cushion (Min) Pastel

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The kit includes: Arch rocker Cushion pink
Kids Development Toys: Montessori Climbing Arch
The Montessori climbing arch is an excellent baby climber to increase courage, develop hand-eye coordination, strengthen muscles, and improve balance control. It is suitable for children aged 6 months to 7 years.

Helper for Mom: Baby Rocker
A baby rocker is a great helper for moms, as it can be used as a cradle to rock the baby to sleep.If you are looking for a way to help soothe and calm your baby, and to give yourself a break from holding them all the time, a baby rocker is a great option.

Brings Joy
The baby climber brings happiness to the child when they realize what they are capable of when they fulfill their aim. You can use the toddler ladder outdoors, so it will be perfect stimulation for kids' outdoor activities.

Empowers Babies
Your children can use the rails of the wooden arch to pull up with their hands, allowing them to safely use their growing bodies in new and exciting ways. The Montessori kids gym is a great climbing toy for baby's flat feet prevention.

Expand the Capabilities of the Kids' Toy Arch
You can purchase and install additional accessories, such as a pikler triangle on one side and a children's ramp on the other, to give little ones even more opportunities to have fun with other children's play sets in the backyard and at home.

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