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Climber Pikler Triangle Set (Triangle+Ramp) Bright Mini

Climber Pikler Triangle Set (Triangle+Ramp) Bright Mini

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If you have a young child, it is important to provide them with a safe and fun environment in which to play. The 2 in1 Montessori Climber is the perfect solution!

Designed in accordance with the Montessori Method, the wooden climbing toys for 1-3 year olds allow children to increase their courage, develop hand-eye coordination, strengthen muscles, help balance control and sensory and motor skills ( such as dexterity and grip). In addition, playing with indoor climbing toys for toddlers 1-3 years old will drastically decrease the development of flat feet.

The 2-in-1 toddler climbing structure includes a triangle climber and an indoor toddler slide/ramp. The triangular climbing ladder for children has 5 locking positions that can be adjusted according to the age of the child and the available space. The baby stepladder is fully collapsible, making it easy to store when not in use.

⚠️ The color of this product may be slightly different because it's made out natural wood.
⚠️ Watch your children carefully when they are playing on furniture that is designed for kids!


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